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Combating Mental Health with Fitness

Hi, my name  is Darin L. Vaughner II, the creator of FiiT2Fiight Inc. I first want to thank you for taking the time to get to know our story and what compelled us to create this great non-profit organization. By simply reading this you are doing a service to the men and women who've served our country by inquiring into how to help us, so with that we humbly appreciate your time and support. As you read our vision please understand the purpose of our 'movement', which is to give purpose back to our brave men and women. Although we are aimed to assist Veterans that is not where our help stops. We are here to assist all those battling and struggling with mental health and have a passion for fitness and assisting others, Veterans and Non-Veterans. 

Our Company is compiled with several men and women who've served their country and have a passion for fitness. We all have overcame our battle with mental depression, PTSD, anxiety and or some form of stressors linked to our service to our country. We all have found our passion in fitness and helping others as our comping mechanism to assist us in our daily battles. With this knowledge and passion we decided to form Fiit2Fiight Inc. which is a non-profit organization set to give Veterans who are battling with reintegration issues the opportunity for job placement and to continue to serve their community through fitness. We have seen a growing increase in suicide rates among our veterans, especially during the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 and the mental stress it has placed on our country, let alone our Veterans already dealing with their own mental battles. We have created an identity and purpose for our veterans again, by providing them the means to obtain their certifications as life coaches, personal trainers, nutrition specialist, massage therapists, strength and conditioning coaches,  professional body builders or any other venture they choose within fitness. We are here to establish that purpose again. When our candidates are chosen they will receive their certification in CPR and CPT (certified personal trainer) as a NASM (National Association of Science and Medicine) certified Fitness Instructor(s). Upon their completion they will be provided with a guaranteed job placement with our partner company Comeback2Combat LLC. as a Fitness Trainer or with one of our several partnered fitness camps. We pride ourselves as treating each and every candidate or member of the team as family, as we believe in the core principals of our military training; which is Loyalty, Duty, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. We try our hardest to exhibit this behavior daily in our interactions with our local community and partners. We here at Fiit2Fiight Inc. want to give our Veterans a purpose and purpose in life again. Here at Fiit2Fiight Inc. 'Your Life Matters!"

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